new house construction

we sold and closed on our house in Indiana back in August. fifteen minutes after closing we called our builder and told him to start the process. we had already picked out the lot and knew what house plans we would be using so you would think it’d be easy. erhhhhh. (my buzzer noise)

fast forward almost three months and we begin the first push of dirt. yay! he are a few pics of what’s going on so far.














eek! i am so excited to move into our new home. after a year of renting a cracker box, it will feel nice to stretch out. but I’m mostly looking forward to exploring our new hometown. 🙂

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Instagram catch up












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a visit to Santa

we took the kiddos to visit Santa this past weekend. it was 50 degrees so we couldn’t pass up hitting the Santa house in downtown Naperville. it was quite an impressive set up. it was a square red building with another room just for Santa and his visitors. the line wound around inside and there were a few picnic tables with a coloring station and refreshments. both were quite handy for the hour we would spend in line.

after standing in line for about 10 minutes, Sadie declared her need to use the potty. so, I took her back outside to the port-a-pot. upon returning to our place in line, leni realized she needed to go. sigh… I couldn’t wait to retrace my steps through the same people waiting in line behind us. thirty minutes into our wait, Oscar went from cranky to pissed. we grabbed a couple of free sugar cookies at the refreshment station to split between all of us. no matter how upset Oscar can get, food always calms him down and puts him in a great mood.

since this was our first visit to to Santa house, we didn’t realize that the actual line of visitors was inside the house. when we drive by, we noticed no line outside so we thought this would be a quick in and out. I didn’t bother grabbing the diaper bag, a pacifier, or the stroller. oops. Neil and I took turns holding Oscar since he is getting to be a chunk! my turn rolled around again and we ran out of cookie. nooooo! Oscar became increasingly fidgety. I turned him around thinking he would like to see a different view. ah ha! he quit! wait, what is warm and running down my hand? oh, just vomit. apparently we had stuffed him so full of cookie that he had a wee bit too much. awesome. no wipes. and this isn’t just spit up. it’s not a ton, thank heavens, but it smells like vomit. gross. thankfully another mom in line handed me a few kleenexes. I handed them to Neil. someone has to hold oskie.

by this time, we are about five visitors from santa’s door. Neil asks me if I have my wallet. um, no. pictures are $8. we can’t be the parents that don’t buy a photo! so, Neil takes off in a flash to find an ATM machine. I’m left standing in line with all three for what seems like an eternity. Neil returns with one visitor to go. by this time I have put Oscar down to do what he pleases since there really isn’t anywhere for him to go. he walks over to Santa’s door and places he tiny little hands on it. it’s green, which is apparently funny to Oscar since he turns to look at me and giggles. he keeps taking his hands on and off the door and giggling which is just too cute not to enjoy. I grab my iPhone to snap a precious picture when all of a sudden Oscar gives the door a big whack with excitement, which sends the door flying open on the Santa visit in session. oh my gosh. how have they not kicked us out of this place yet!

one hour of wiggles, whining, bathroom trips, and a barfing episode was worth it. wouldn’t trade this life for anything else.



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holiday lights

we ventured to the Brookfield zoo Saturday night. our favorite friend elise was here to visit. the kids loved looking at all the lights. Oscar made sweet oooh sounds and pointed at everything. the girls highlight of the evening was sipping on hot cocoa and eating Chicago mix popcorn! my favorite part was being together outside of the house! woot!








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the point

ever had a time when you are trying to teach your children a lesson and felt like they actually understood? well, I did. we introduced Eli the elf for the first time ever this Christmas season. the girls seemed to grasp the concept that Eli did naughty things while they slept. the first two days were successful. the girls would clean up after Eli and explain to him that he had made a bad choice but that Jesus, Santa, and they still loved him.

then today happened.

the point was missed.

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for just a moment


that moment when all three are playing together and having a great time

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oops, I did it again

leni is my first born of the twins. she is ridiculously inquisitive and takes it all in. she’s been like this since the day she was born. she would sit and watch sadie’s every move and process what was going on. sadie accomplished most of the milestones first but leni was right behind her. neil and i would laugh that leni was watching to see sadie learn new things, taking in each mistake, then do it herself mistake-free.

when it came to talking, sadie was verbal before leni. but before we knew it, leni was babbling away, picking up everything from conversations. she is quite funny. clearly her mothers’ genes.

recently, she came to me crying because she had bumped her head. through her tearful explanation, i tried to decipher what the heck she was saying. i can’t quite remember how i worded my question but i was asking her to tell me where she bumped her head. she misunderstood and thought i was asking how she did it. her response was funny enough for me to pause in my mothering moment to keep from laughing. she said, “i was jacking around”. pause, don’t laugh, don’t laugh, don’t laugh… i had to run to the basement so i could share this hilariousness with the hubs.

well, she did it again. at lunch today she was goofing around and ended up taking a fry to the eye.


“look, mommy. i was jacking around again!”

yes, lou, you were. love this girl.

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